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Sport Psychology Consultancy

I believe in taking a positive approach helping people in sport and exercise reach their potential, increase their satisfaction and gain health benefits.
This page gives you an insight into the services that a sport psychologist can offer to individuals, teams and organisations.
I will enhance your strengths as well as developing other areas of your mental game.



Individual Sessions

Typically I would start with an informal meeting to get to know you and your sporting background. I will tailor your mental skills training program around your current schedule. I am always available should you have any problems and you will have my continued support.


My responsibility for your welfare does not finish at the end of a meeting.

Psychological Skills Profiling

Psychological profiling in sport has become a major part of the preseason of many clubs. Before starting your mental skills training program is it essential to establish which skills need to be targeted.


My profiling service will quickly and effectively assess your current mental skill ability level. Skills assessed include Mental Toughness, Imagery, Confidence and Game Preparation.



A combination of Face-to-Face, Telephone and Video Conferencing will be used to keep in touch wherever your sporting commitments take you.


Group Workshops

Sport psychology topics covered 

include Motivation, Confidence, Decision Making and Concentration and are demonstrated through a variety of different sports.


These are taught to the attendees through 'in-practice' case studies, interventions and class participation. The workshops include worksheets and strategies that they can use directly with their own athletes or students, allowing them to put their new knowledge to use.


As part of my continued development as a sport psychologist I must keep up to date the latest training techniques and research. This allows me to offer you the best service possible.


Alongside this I have excellent links with Universities and fellow psychologists enabling me to draw on their experience. 

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